Havel at Columbia

Ambassador Martin Palouš

Ambassador Martin Palouš, Czech Ambassador to the United Nations, former Czech Ambassador to the United States and former spokesperson of Charter 77

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  1. History and Participation in Charter 77 (Citizen)
  2. Important ideas of Charter 77 (Citizen)
  3. The dangers of signing Charter 77 (Citizen)
  4. Relationship with Havel (Artist, Citizen)
  5. Havel's method of work (Citizen)
  6. On Civic Forum (Citizen)
  7. Havel and Civic Forum (Citizen)
  8. Outside support leading up to The Velvet Revolution (Citizen)
  9. Transition to leadership (Citizen)
  10. Years in power--Part I (Citizen)
  11. Years in power--Part II (Citizen)
  12. Havel's 1990 visit to Washington D.C. (Citizen)
  13. Applying the lessons of The Velvet Revolution to Iraq today (Citizen)
  14. The Velvet Divorce (Citizen)
  15. Václav Havel and Václav Klaus (Citizen)
  16. The legacy of Havel (Artist, Citizen)