Havel at Columbia

William and Wendy Luers

William and Wendy Luers, Former President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and former Ambassador to Czechoslovakia; Founder and President of the Foundation for a Civil Society.

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  1. William: First impressions of Czechoslovakia and Havel (Citizen)
  2. Wendy: First meeting with Havel (Citizen)
  3. William: First impressions of Havel (Citizen)
  4. William: Edward Albee (Artist)
  5. Wendy: July 5th, 1985 party at the embassy (Citizen)
  6. William: Problems with the Czech government (Citizen)
  7. William: Key players (Artist, Citizen)
  8. Wendy: Havel's plays (Artist)
  9. William: Attempts to see Havel (Citizen)
  10. William: November 17, 1989 - The Velvet Revolution (Citizen)
  11. William: Dinner party and the inauguration of President Havel (Citizen)
  12. William: Havel's doubts as a president (Citizen)
  13. Wendy: Havel's inauguration (Citizen)