Havel at Columbia

George Soros

George Soros, Founder and Chairman
Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundations Network

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  1. First meeting with Havel (Citizen)
  2. The Velvet Revolution and its results (Citizen)
  3. Charter 77 (Citizen)
  4. Supporting Charter 77 (Citizen)
  5. Open Society and dissidence (Citizen)
  6. Dissidents as leaders (Citizen)
  7. Havel as a moral force (Citizen)
  8. Havel opens the palace (Citizen)
  9. Pragmatic advice to Havel (Citizen)
  10. Havel as president (Citizen)
  11. Havel's values today (Citizen)
  12. The role of the dissident today (Citizen)
  13. Havel and the aspiration for freedom (Citizen)