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The Havel at Columbia site is produced by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning in partnership with the Columbia University Arts Initiative. Collaborators include The Harriman Institute, the Columbia School of the Arts, The Oral History Office and The Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

University Arts Initiative

  • Gregory Mosher, Director
  • Nobi Nakanishi, Assistant to the Director

Faculty Partners

  • Bradley Abrams, Associate Director, Harriman Institute , and Associate Professor, History Department
  • Christopher Harwood, Lecturer in Czech, Slavic Languages
  • Anne Bogart, Professor of Theater, School of the Arts
  • Lisa Anderson, Dean of the School of International Public Affairs: James T. Shotwell Professor of International Relations
  • Martin Puchner, H. Gordon Garbedian Professor of English and Comparative Literature
  • Amy Trompetter, Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Barnard

Faculty Consultants

  • Arnold Aronson, Professor of Theater, School of the Arts
  • Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Director, Harriman Institute
  • Peter Kussi, Professor Emeritus, Slavic Languages

Library Participants

  • Tanya Chebotarev. Curator, Bakhmeteff Archive - Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  • Csaba Szilagyi, Curator, Human Rights Watch - Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  • Jared Ingersoll, Slavic Librarian
  • Jennifer D. Ulrich, Technical Services Archivist, Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  • Mary Marshall Clark, Director, Oral History Research Office

Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

  • Project Manager: John Frankfurt
  • Associate Project Manager: Mark Phillipson
  • Interface Designer: Marc Raymond
  • Video Production Lead: Stephanie Ogden
  • Flash Development: Brian O'Hagan
  • Video Production: Michael Deleon and Gerard Zoehfeld
  • Lead Programmer: Schuyler Duveen
  • Programmer: Eddie Rubeiz
  • Writer/Researcher: Jeff Barreith
  • Curriculum Development: Susan Jang
  • Outreach: Catherine Jhee
  • Curriculum Director: Ryan Kelsey
  • Executive Directors: Frank Moretti and Maurice Matiz

Interviews for "Havel at Columbia" were conducted by Mary Marshall Clark, John Frankfurt and Mark Phillipson .

The "Havel at Columbia" logo was designed by Dresser Johnson.

Archival Film/Video and Still Images

  • Corbis
  • Columbia University
  • CNN
  • Getty
  • Vanderbilt Television Archive
  • The Private Collection of William and Wendy Luers

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  • @radical.media
  • Edward Albee
  • President George H.W. Bush
  • Kathleen Butler
  • President William J. Clinton
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